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Changing Climate-Biomes Model

Project Summary
Fact Sheet Changing Climate-Biomes Model factsheetAdobe Acrobat PDF file - 816 KB
Project CodeALCC2010-01
Project Lead(s) Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning, University of Alaska
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Ecological Wildlife Habitat Data Analysis for the Land and Seascape Laboratory
DescriptionThis project uses historical climate records for Alaska and Western Canada to identify patterns in temperature and precipitation that reflect the biome distribution seen across this region today. These climate-biome models used downscaled climate data to help identify areas which are most vulnerable likely to change, and areas of "refugia" where the temperature and precipitation conditions will be most similar to what they are today. The results will help managers, landscape planners, conservationists and others; understand how dramatically the temperature and precipitation patterns are expected to change.
Contributing Partner(s) Ducks Unlimited, Canada
Government Canada
Government Northwest Territories
The Nature Conservancy's Canada Program
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
LCC Funding$192,000.00
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Image Gallery
Shallow wetland in Interior Alaska
Shallow wetland habitat in Interior Alaska. Habitats such as this are sensitive to changes in both air temperature and summer precipitation. Image by USFWS.
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