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Imiq by the Numbers
Data Values 400,000,000
Parameters 72
Sources 42
Networks 29

The Imiq Hydroclimate Database & Data Portal

The Data Portal provides access to the Imiq Hydroclimate Database. The Database is a central repository containing hydrology and climate-related data in Alaska and nearby regions and was built by researchers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The word Imiq means ‘freshwater’ in the Inupiat language of Northern Alaska.

The Database was built to enable data integration across sources, as well as to support program planning and observational network design. The Imiq Data Portal provides a snapshot of available hydroclimate data – a map-based view of where , what , and when data have been obtained. Users can submit a custom data query, specifying variable of interest, geographic bounds, and time step. Imiq will aggregate and export data records from multiple sources in a common format, with full metadata records that provide information about the source data.


Screenshot of the Data Portal. Click the image to zoom in.

About the Database
Screenshot of the Report Title Page

The Imiq Hydroclimate Database houses hydrologic, climatologic, and soils data collected in Alaska and Western Canada from the early 1900s to the present. This database unifies and preserves numerous data collections that have, until now, been stored in field notebooks, on desktop computers, as well as in disparate databases. Synthesizing and analyzing the large-scale hydroclimate characteristics of this important climatic region have been made easier with this searchable database. The Database is largely the result of a multi-year data rescue project, bringing together these scarce and scattered data sets. Visit the Hydroclimatological data rescue Project Page or download the full report for more information.

Project Partners

Construction of the Imiq Database was funded by the Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Development of the Imiq Data Portal was funded by the Arctic LCC and the North Slope Science Initiative, and implemented by the Geographic Information Network of Alaska. Data were contributed and collected from many agencies and investigator-driven research projects.