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A Sense of Place: Inupiat Knowledge of the Coast using Aerial Imagery

Project Summary
Project CodeALCC2013-05
Project Lead(s) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
DescriptionThe ShoreZone Sense of Place project uses North Slope coastal imagery as a medium for recording traditional knowledge about the coast. Imagery is a powerful medium for triggering elders’ memories and stories about places they have lived, hunted and experienced. The proposed project offers an approach for youth and elders to record those memories and stories. It will further the efforts of the North Slope Borough School District to implement the new Iñupiaq Learning Framework and will make aerial imagery of the North Slope intertidal zone and coast available to teachers and students.

Staff from Coastal and Ocean Resources Institute will work with educators from the North Slope Borough School District in developing curricula for use in classrooms, distributing hard drives containing video and still photographs from the ShoreZone aerial surveys to interested teachers, and intensive coaching for interested teachers wishing to undertake this curriculum in the classroom.

This effort follows up on the "Sense of Place: Iñupiat Coastal Knowledge" effort from 2012 in which film workshops gave students from Point Lay and Kaktovik the opportunity to make their own movies about traditional knowledge of the coast. The culmination of this project will result in students from Barrow interviewing Elders to share their observations of change, their knowledge, and stories of their surroundings.
Contributing Partner(s) Coastal and Ocean Resources Institute
North Slope Borough School District
The Nature Conservancy
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