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Permafrost Characterization and Mapping

Project Summary
Project CodeALCC2012-10
Project Lead(s) University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Institute of Northern Engineering
DescriptionThe Arctic LCC and Alaska Climate Science Center have partnered with UAF to develop a new permafrost map for northern Alaska. Researchers have compiled existing soil and permafrost data from available sources to create a region-wide permafrost database and landscape-level (1:1,000,000 scale) map that is suitable for regional modelling and climate impact assessments. Permafrost is a unique characteristic of polar regions and high mountains and it is fundamental to geomorphic processes and ecological development in those environments. Despite the critical importance of permafrost to ecosystem responses to climate change, permafrost characteristics of Alaska have been mapped in only generalized regional maps or site-level terrain unit maps for engineering design and assessment. This mapping effort provides an intermediate-level mapping of permafrost throughout Northern Alaska and is intended to improve landscape-level assessments, regional climate impact modeling and prediction. Permafrost has been mapped through correlation with mapping of terrain units, airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys and modeling of soil temperatures from terrain conditions.
Contributing Partner(s) North Slope Science Initiative
U.S. Geological Survey Alaska Climate Science Center
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Image Gallery
Maximum potential thaw settlement
Map of maximum potential thaw settlement in northern Alaska based on ground ice associated with generalized geology. Image by Jorgenson, M. T., et al..
Download Full-size Image (1.8 MB)
Thermokarst Landforms
Map of thermokarst landforms in northern Alaska associated with generalized geology and ecological landscapes. Image by Jorgenson, M. T., et al..
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