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Fish CAFE: Response of an Arctic Freshwater Ecosystem to Climate and Land-use Change

Project Summary
Project CodeALCC2013-02
Project Lead(s) Bureau of Land Management
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Water and Environmental Research Center
U.S. Geological Survey, Alaska Science Center
DescriptionThe goal of Fish CAFE is to develop a better understanding how linkages among surface-water availability, connectivity, and temperature mediate habitat and trophic dynamics of the Fish Creek Watershed on the Arctic Coastal Plain of northern Alaska. These interrelated processes form a shifting mosaic of freshwater habitats across the landscape that can be classified, mapped, understood, and modeled in response to past and future climate and land-use change in a spatial and temporal context. Developing scenarios of freshwater habitat change in this context provides managers and scientists with the ability to evaluate a range of potential responses to climate and land-use change. Furthermore, Fish CAFE compliments studies being supported by BLM, FWS, USGS, UAF, NSF, and industry sponsored studies.

Development of the Fish CAFE Study Plan was supported by the Arctic LCC's FY2012 RFP Project Theme 1: Interdisciplinary Study Plan integrating across one or more watersheds in the Alaska portion of the ALCC.
Contributing Partner(s) Alaska Department of Fish and Game
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, International Arctic Research Center
U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Geological Survey
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Progress Reports
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FishCAFE Progress Report 2014-09-30 1.3 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
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Lake Ice Regime Classification Preview
Lake Ice Regime Classification Preview Image by Arctic LCC Staff.
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