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Seasonality of invertebrates

Project Summary
Project CodeALCC2011-21
Project Lead(s) North Dakota State University
DescriptionInvestigators on this project will improve our understanding of how climate drives availability of prey for tundra-nesting birds reliant upon aquatic invertebrates in Alaska's Arctic. They seek to understand how water temperature in ponds on Alaska’s Arctic Coastal Plain regulates the seasonal timing of aquatic insect emergence - a crucial event for a majority of tundra-nesting bird species - and the availability of invertebrate biomass for benthic-feeding birds such as eiders and other waterfowl.
Contributing Partner(s) National Science Foundation
LCC Funding$76,000.00
Partner Funding$40,877.00
Progress Reports
Link Size
2011 Seasonality of Invertebrates Project Update 257 KB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
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