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Modeling Shorebird Distribution on the North Slope

Project Summary
Fact Sheet Shorebird Distribution Models FactsheetAdobe Acrobat PDF file - 737 KB
Project CodeALCC2010-02
Project Lead(s) Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences
DescriptionShorebirds are among the most abundant and visible high-latitude vertebrates. Their ecology makes them particularly sensitive to climate change in the arctic. The current distribution of shorebirds on the Arctic Coastal Plain is poorly known because accurate data exist from just a few locations. The Arctic LCC is supporting development of habitat selection models that combine bird survey data with remotely-sensed habitat maps to "fill in the gaps" where observations are sparse. In future phases, the distribution maps generated from these models could be ground-truthed and improved, and subsequently used as the basis from which to forecast future shorebird distribution for projected future climate scenarios.
LCC Funding$247,000.00
Progress Reports
Link Size
Shorebird Distribution Model Progress Report 1.1 MB Adobe Acrobat PDF file
Image Gallery
Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres).
Ruddy Turnstone (Arenaria interpres). Image by USFWS.
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Example HSI maps
Examples of HSI rasters for Red-necked Phararope and Dunlin. Image by Arctic LCC staff.
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