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Toolik Field Station Ice Classic

CALON researchers invite citizen scientists to participate in the first annual Toolik Field Station Ice Classic. 

A recent National Science Foundation (NSF) Arctic Observing Network (AON) project has been established to foster the development of a network that focuses on the development and implementation of standardized protocols for Arctic lake observations and will provide the framework for expansion toward a Circum-Arctic Lake Observation Network (CALON).  Near-real time observations are a key component of the network and an initial wireless web camera system has been established at Toolik Field Station (TFS) – an internationally renowned Arctic research facility – in order to monitor seasonal changes in physical and biological conditions on a subset of lakes that are part of the CALON network.  In addition, an ice breakup competition, the first annual TFS CALON Ice Classic, has been established to provide a venue for citizen scientists to make a guess on the breakup dates of three lakes located near TFS.

Posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012 by LCC staff