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Arctic LCC hiring a new Science Coordinator!

The Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is seeking to recruit a Science Coordinator. We are looking for someone to:

  • Coordinate science in support of landscape conservation strategies and ecosystem-based management in the Arctic
  • Lead research in landscape, wildlife and/or conservation ecology that supports implementation of ecosystem-based approaches to natural resource management
  • Engage in regional, national and international efforts to coordinate Arctic ecosystem science and to help secure funding for high priority initiatives
  • Represent the interest of partners in various national meetings associated with landscape conservation initiatives; collaborate with a network of Science Coordinators
  • Review science proposals for technical completeness and rank proposals appropriately. Provide and coordinate technical review of scientific publications

The Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative supports conservation in the arctic by providing applied science and tools for land managers and policy makers in support of ecosystem-based management. It is a self-directed partnership that functions through a structure of at-large partners, a core staff, and a steering committee of cooperating agencies and organizations. Its geographic scope ranges across North America from Alaska to Labrador. The focus is currently primarily on terrestrial, freshwater and coastal ecosystems. More information on our past work and current goals can be found at

The position is open only to US Citizens R7-16-1794274-AV, with a separate announcement for current federal employees R7-16-1802455-AV. The position will be based in Fairbanks or Anchorage, AK.

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 20, 2016 by Arctic LCC staff