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NOAA Issues 2011 Arctic Report Card

The Arctic Report Card considers a wide range of environmental observations throughout the Arctic, and is updated annually. The 2011 Report Card shows that record-setting changes are occurring throughout the Arctic environmental system.  Given the projection of continued global warming, it is very likely that major Arctic changes will continue in years to come, with increasing climatic, biological and social impacts.  A major conclusion of the 2011 Report is that there are now a sufficient number of years of data to indicate a shift in the Arctic Ocean system since 2006.  

The Arctic Report Card reflects the work of an international team of 121 researchers in 14 countries and is based upon published and ongoing scientific research.

Click here to view the summary.

Click here to view the Arctic Report Card.

Posted on Thursday, Dec 01, 2011 by Greg Balogh, Arctic LCC Coordinator