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The mission of the Arctic LCC is to identify and provide information needed to conserve natural and cultural resources in the face of landscape scale stressors, focusing on climate change, through a multidisciplinary program that supports coordinated actions among management agencies, conservation organizations, communities, and other stakeholders. The following documents help guide the direction and implementation of this cooperative effort.

The conservation goals of the Arctic LCC are: to provide information on, and predict effects of, climate driven changes and other landscape stressors; determine how climate driven changes affect subsistence users; and provide improved data and information access to managers and policy makers.

The Arctic presents extraordinary challenges for resource managers who must anticipate the effects of climate-associated habitat change and incorporate that understanding into conservation planning. In order to make crucial planning decisions, managers need improved scientific information and tools. The Arctic LCC seeks to provide these tools.

2014-2016 Arctic LCC Strategic Action Plan (1.7 MB)Adobe Acrobat PDF file

The Arctic LCC strategic Action Plan sets forth our priorities for 2014-2016. In addition, it:

  • shows progress to date in addressing our original conservation goals and objectives
  • documents our priority resources
  • cross-walks our 2014-2016 priorities with the priority resource(s) that each priority addresses
  • provides a list of all funded Arctic LCC projects with the corresponding project ID by which each is referred to elsewhere in the document
  • presents the top 30 anticipated future data and information needs as determined by the Arctic LCC Future Needs Assessment project
Secretarial Order (1.1 MB)Adobe Acrobat PDF file

Secretarial Order 3289 provides for the creation of the National Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) network as well as the USGS network of Climate Science Centers (CSC).  It establishes a Department-wide approach for applying scientific tools to increase understanding of climate change and to coordinate an effective response to its impact on tribes and on the land, water, ocean, fish, and wildlife and cultural heritage resources that the Department manages.

Charter (46 KB)Adobe Acrobat PDF file

The Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative Charter references the authorities that allow for the creation of this LCC, defines the membership and roles of LCC constituent parts (including steering committee, staff, working groups and partners), specifies the Charter Review Process, clarifies the governance of the LCC, and outlines its operational guidelines.

Goals Document (485 KB)Adobe Acrobat PDF file

One of the most important functions of a Landscape Conservation Cooperative is to bring together different parties to work together in addressing high priority landscape scale conservation issues.  However, before we can begin to realize such efficiencies and create workplace synergies, we need a strategy to address the highest priority landscape scale conservation issues.  Part of this strategy includes the Arctic LCC Goals Document.  This document lays out our 4 conservation goals, with a series of objectives that tier off of each goal.  It also defines the geographic extent of the Arctic LCC.